Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Another night, another wet t-shirt

As I left for the gym, I picked up my phone and my ipod. The phone went into
my jacket pocket, the ipod into my sweatpants pocket. When I got to the gym,
I found that my headphones were outside the car, an earpiece had dragged
along the road on the way and was fecked.

I had a minor paddy, threw the knackered headphones across the car park, the
ipod into the door sidepocket, bought a car park ticket and made my way in.
Once inside I checked my phone for messages, just to see if Jumile had
thought better of it. I used to do this before leaving, but now I am
consciously doing so when I'm there. If he'd pulled out I'd normally not
bother either, but by checking messages upon arrival, I'm already there,
checked in and have less of an excuse to not go in.

He duly arrived, I sorted my stuff, towel & bottle into the gym with me, bag
and jacket into the locker.

I did the same as on Saturday, but found it a little easier, my thighs
burned a little towards the end of the CV work, but otherwise I was ok, no
weakness in the legs, my heart rate *much* lower than it was all those
months ago when one of the staff commented "that's in interesting shade of
red you've gone". On to the weight machines, seated row, leg press and
shoulder muscle thing I never remember the name of.

A set of stretches later and it was all over, 50 minutes after walking in.

I haven't had a great day at the office, the broken headphones were a
perfect conclusion to that. The workout allowed all of the crap from the day
to dissipate, I got back into the car feeling a whole lot better.

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